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    Please see events calendar for all classes available on a walk in basis….(marked “open” on calendar)…come to all or try one!

    Beginner Hatha: – Monday’s and Wednesday’s at 5:20pm
    Replenish is excited to offer the following BEGINNER'S class for all of you that have been thinking about trying yoga but unsure of walking into that first class! This walk-in friendly class designed is designed to provide a new student with the opportunity to develop a strong foundation from which to grow their practice. Each class will begin with detailed step-by-step walk through of the instruction on at least one pose commonly found in yoga classes. The remainder of the session will consist of a typical hatha yoga class incorporating the highlighted pose and other beginner level moves that will allow you to build upon and develop your practice and confidence!

    Hatha: – Our most popular class! See Calendar for dates and times throughout the week!
    Hatha Yoga: Most open classes are taught in Hatha Yoga style. Hatha yoga is a gentle but effective form of yoga that allows us to stretch and strengthen by entering a pose and then holding it while we breathe. All Walk In classes are beginner friendly. Classes are taught with pose modifications for Beginner, Level I and Level II.

    Including Lunchtime Hatha Yoga!!!
    Are you trying to squeeze yoga in an already jam-packed schedule? What about lunchtime? We will have mats and props ready for you to start class at 12:10. After a 40 minute yoga vacation from reality, we will have you out the door by 12:50 - just in time to get back to work, relaxed and ready to take on the afternoon! Stretch and Relax class--- balance in the mid-day! Beginner friendly!

    Baby Boomer Yoga ~ designed for you to explore a practice for your BODY
    Are you curious about yoga, but think that it is not something you can do since your feet seem a long way away when it comes time to tie your shoes? Are you active and recognize the benefits of yoga, but the thought of a 20- something tying his/herself into a pretzel on the mat next to you is just not that appealing? If either of these scenarios resonate with you, we have just the class for you! Replenish is pleased to offer you Baby Boomer Yoga! This class is intended for those that have fond memories of the Beach Boys, putting a man on the moon, and life before color TV. We encourage the use of props and will give you the time and instruction to use them to begin to increase flexibility in a gentle painless manner. Yoga benefits are extensive including increased flexibility, increased strength, increased mobility, improved posture, better sleep, relaxation…etc. Give yourself the opportunity to explore this highly personalized practice with certified trainers that can help you find the right practice for YOU!

    FIT Yoga: Wednesday’s at 6:30pm
    Level I & II - some experience & fitness required

    Fit Yoga explores level two and advanced postures and sequences for maximum strength building and toning. With a more aggressive style of Vinyasa, the quicker pace from pose to pose with more movement provides a cardio impact. Core, strength and toning will be the focus of the class with the needed relaxation and stretching as well. This class is ideal for athletes and those wishing to improve overall fitness. It is a unique blend of flexibility, balance, and strengthening poses designed to provide both the exertion and relaxation muscles crave. Classes are taught with pose modifications for Level I and Level II.

    Yoga PLAY: Summer 2015 – see more information here!
    Do not miss out on all the fun for kids of all ages and family yoga events. See the Yoga Play page for all the details and times! Notice locations are both at the Replenish Studio in International Falls Backus Community Center and Littlefork Elementary gym ~ make sure to check location.

    Vinyassa Flow:
    Vinyassa class invites us to explore yoga at a faster pace---moving with the breath pose to pose with more movement and cardio impact. Classes are taught with pose modifications for Level I and Level II.

    Yoga Nidra:
    A form of guided meditation that invites a deep relaxation into the body on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Yoga nidra assist with changing the patterns of eth mind into positive lines that result in stress reduction, improved sleeping patterns, decrease anxiety and improved mental health. No yoga or meditation experience is required. Beginner friendly.

    Restorative Yoga:
    Restorative classes are a great combination of gentle physical movement & breathe through poses that stretch the muscles & release the joints. Restorative classes use holding these positions in a relaxed manner for several minutes for overall opening, release and relaxation No experience needed. Beginner friendly.

    *** NOTE: Please check website events calendar or Facebook page for exact schedule. Periodically classes are cancelled and/or weeks are scheduled with one or more classes off the regular schedule due to travel. “Like” Replenish Mind*Body*Spirit on Facebook ***

    2015 Payment Options

    Ways to Pay: Walk In classes are designated as "OPEN" on the website and the following payment options apply:

    • Pay per Class- $12.00 anytime you want to come to class!
    • Pre-paid punch card- 5 classes for $45.00 – good for 6 months
    • STUDENT RATES (With school ID): Pre-paid punch card- 5 classes for $30.00 – good for 6 months

    Unlimited Yoga Passes

    With multiple class options per week, unlimited monthly yoga pass options are the best way to decrease your per class cost if you attend 5 or more classes per month. So now you can choose to just pay per class when you come, do a discounted punch card or advance your commitment and practice with any of the following for all walk in friendly public classes:

      • 1- Month Class Pass = $50/month for unlimited access to classes (non-
      • 3 - Month walk in class pass = $120.00 ($40/month)
        • Includes 10% off for all pre-registration/pre-pay classes and workshops as well!
      • 6 month walk in class pass = $210.00 ($35/month)
        • Includes 15% for all pre-registration/pre-pay classes and workshops as well!

    Please note pre-registration class series and workshops are priced individually and requiring pre-payment and not eligible for punch card usage. Please see the class information for pricing and details.
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    Yoga CORE 90 Day Challenge- 6 Classes and Work At Home Program

    In the West we generally judge the health of an individual on their overall size and shape. Unfortunately this is not a true evaluation of a healthy body. Large and small people have pain in their lower back, SI, knees, shoulders and hips. We struggle with tension in our upper backs, stress and anxiety. Arches and feet are falling. Childbirth can leave the muscles of the pelvic area stretched and weak. Strong superficial muscles can hide all of this on the outside but do nothing to bring the body ease. Regardless of your overall health or fitness, this 90-day Yoga CORE challenge is about using the strength of inner core (skeletal) muscles of the abdomen and legs to build true strength, balance and harmony in the lower body. Any instability in these muscles create instability, discomfort and even pain in the lower and upper body, pain in joints and muscles and even sexual and elimination dysfunction.

    Specifically the Yoga 12 Week CORE challenge will include:

    • Take a pre-class survey and a post class assessment to gage real results in your body
    • Foundational yoga concepts of breathe, body and mind all working in conjunction to build a healthier body with balance, strength, flexibility and relaxation.
    • Identify, learn how to connect to and strengthen the inner core muscles of the abdomen (diaphragm, pelvic floor, inner obliques and multifidus) and legs
    • Weekly progressive class asana (postures) to bring initial concepts into everyday movement
    • A daily commitment to 15-20 minutes at home to work the program and to let the results develop

    “After a frustrating attempt at doing yoga by watching videos, I took a “core yoga” class from Christa and learned the proper techniques for breathing and body alignment. After just a few sessions, I was surprised to find myself running much faster with less effort, and experiencing absolutely no pain.  I would highly recommend…”– Harold

    Class schedule: Mondays 6:30-8:00 pm CST- Backus Room 303 April 13th; April 27th; May 11th; May 25th; June 8th and June 22nd

    $145.00 due at time of registration to hold space in class. Pre-registration and payment due by Friday, April 10th. Preregistration needs to be paid via Backus or mail…call or email to hold your spot! Minimum class counts required to hold class as scheduled.

    Yoga Teacher Training

    Replenish is excited to announce that are a Yoga Alliance RYS for In-Depth Yoga Study & Teacher Training 200 certifications. The In-Depth Yoga Study will go far beyond poses – covering the eight limbs of yoga, meditation, breathing, anatomy, and much more. Courses will be held over seven intensive weekends, including some home study hours. Course work is designed to be educational and transformational by exploring yoga beyond what is often offered in the West.

    Upon completion of the program, students will receive TT200 certification recognized by the Yoga Alliance. This national recognition allows the student to register as a Yoga Alliance registered yoga teacher (RYT).

    Click here for more information on the Teacher Training Program.

    Prenatal Yoga

    We are looking to see if there is any interest in a prenatal class. Yoga is a wonderful practice for pregnant women and can be a great time to start a practice even if you have never done yoga before!

    Just a few benefits for soon to be moms are:

    • Mobility in hips
    • Strengthening the pelvic floor
    • Addressing back pain
    • Relaxation/ tension release
    • Flexibility and balance through the legs

    Please email me at if you are interested in a Prenatal series. See me directly for prenatal yoga questions any time.

    Click here for upcoming Yoga Retreats

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  • Testimonials

    • “Christa’s energy is contagious. Her ability to heal transforms you through physical growth as well as emotional and spiritual awareness. Her sincerity and love for life calms the spirit.”

      – Dianna

    • “After a frustrating attempt at doing yoga by watching videos, I took a “core yoga” class from Christa and learned the proper techniques for breathing and body alignment. After just a few sessions, I was surprised to find myself running much faster with less effort, and experiencing absolutely no pain. I would highly recommend…”

      – Harold

    • “I have been practicing yoga for about 5 years in various places, but I am still learning new things from Christa. Each session there is something new to try. Her enthusiasm keeps me coming back.”

      – Bill

    • “I was skeptical when my doctor suggested yoga for my anxiety. I kept thinking, “How can I calm down long enough when all I will think about is all the things I should be doing while I am sitting in yoga class?” After my first session I was hooked! Not only did I feel relaxed thanks to Christa’s great relaxation techniques, but I also found myself reenergized and ready to tackle the tasks on my to do list with a clear mind.”

      – Kelly

    • "Christa is very aware of the needs of her students. I have had recent surgery and in yoga class Christa was very welcoming and encouraging and accommodated my needs. I left feeling relaxed and refreshed."

      – Willa K

    • “I have had the good fortune to attend her Reiki Circle and Chakra/Yoga class and found both to be inspiring and healing. Christa makes you feel welcomed and valued and is sincerely interested in who you are as a human being."

      – Willa K