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  • Chakra workshop: Understanding

    Chakras and Our Health

    Come learn about the 7 Chakras/energy centers of the body, how they impact health and well being and yoga postures that support balance for each Chakra in the physical body based on postures that activate, balance and connect us to these energy hubs. The Winter Teach Training Course will be taking an exciting in-depth look and study of the Chakra system and we’d love to have you join us for this course over the next 5 month. Specifically we will cover:

    • Explore the concept of Chakras and energy systems in and around the body
    • The location of the 7 Chakras, their element and what they represent
    • Herbs, aromatherapy, elements and other associations to each Chakra
    • Postures that allow us to connect to, open, balance and release energy in each Chakra

    We will be using the book Eastern Body/Western Mind: Psychology and ChakraSystem as a Path to Self by Anodea Judith. Anodea Judith holds a doctorate in Health and Human Services, with a specialty in Mind-Body healing, and a Master's in Clinical Psychology. Her best-selling books on the chakra system, marrying Eastern and Western disciplines, have been considered groundbreaking in the field of Transpersonal Psychology and used as definitive texts in the U.S. and abroad. With a million books in print in 14 languages, her books have won her the reputation of solid scholarship and international renown as a dynamic speaker and workshop leader.

    “In EASTERN BODY, WESTERN MIND, chakra authority Anodea Judith brought a fresh approach to the yoga-based Eastern chakra system, adapting it to the Western framework of Jungian psychology, somatic therapy, childhood developmental theory, and metaphysics. This groundbreaking work in transpersonal psychology has been revised and redesigned for a more accessible presentation. Arranged schematically, the book uses the inherent structure of the chakra system as a map upon which to chart our Western understanding of individual development. Each chapter focuses on a single chakra, starting with a description of its characteristics, then exploring its particular childhood developmental patterns, traumas and abuses, and how to heal and maintain balance. Illuminated with personal anecdotes and case studies, EASTERN BODY, WESTERN MIND seamlessly merges the East and West, science and philosophy, and psychology and spirituality into a compelling interpretation of the chakra system and its relevance for Westerners today.”

    Class schedule is as follows:

    Sunday, March 29th 1-2:30pm

    Saturday, April 11th 6:30-8pm

    Saturday, May 2nd 1:30-3pm

    Friday, May 29th 6:30-8pm

    Friday, June 19th 6:30-8pm *

    Friday, July 24th 7:15-9pm

    Sunday, July 26th 2-3pm

    Backus Community Center – Room 303*

    * Except the June 19th session. It will be in Atsokan Island. Transportation from landing to island and back will be provided.

    $125.00 per student- includes a copy of the book Eastern Body/Western Mind: Psychology and Chakra System as a Path to Self by Anodea Judith

    Pre-registration and payment required by Tuesday, March 24, 2015. Register via phone or email.

    REPLENISH Yoga & Wellness

    In-Depth Yoga Study

    Teacher Training Yoga Alliance 200 Certification Program

    Are you struggling to find balance and happiness? Does living with ease and grace seem elusive? Have you been searching for an opportunity to expand your yoga practice? Have you always wanted to teach the gift of yoga to others?

    Replenish on Rainy Lake is proud to announce the beginning of an In-depth Yoga Study Group starting March- July 2015. The In-Depth Yoga Study will go far beyond poses – covering the eight limbs of yoga, meditation, breathing, anatomy, and much more. Courses will be held over seven intensive weekends, including some home study hours. Course work is designed to be educational and transformational by exploring yoga beyond what is often offered in the West. It is for anyone that wants to go deeper than just a stretch yoga class at a fitness center. This study is about the Western asana and physical practice of yoga, but it is also about the mind* body* spirit connection, connection to our True Self – living life with greater ease and balance, health and wellness for all the parts of our physical, emotional, energetic, intellectual and spiritual parts.


    Upon completion of the program, students will receive TT200 certification recognized by the Yoga Alliance. This national recognition allows the student to register as a Yoga Alliance registered yoga teacher (RYT).

    Teaching offers many options from the standard teacher opportunities to studios, gyms, YMCAs, fitness centers, cruise lines and spas all over the world that offer yoga to their customers. Self-employment and business development are included in the course for these that want to be entrepreneurial with the certification. The sky is truly the limit as to how and where you can use your certification to teach and share yoga—some ideas are: working with small children, offering yoga to teenagers for wellness, troubled teems for hope, senior citizens for improved health and mobility, yoga for cancer survivors, yoga after PT for rehab, yoga for mental health patients, athletes (NFL teams all have yoga instructors now!) Whether you think you will ever want to teach yoga or not, your understanding and own practice and life will be changed forever!


    • Foundational yoga concepts
    • Identify how to connect and strengthen inner core muscles
    • Full asana/posture training
    • Overview of yoga, history
    • Book reviews and discussions
    • Complete meditation review
    • Teaching techniques, language, lesson plan development and preparation
    • Written reports and home study
    • 10hr practicum


    • $75 application fee. Waived for Winter 2015!!
    • Upon acceptance down payment of $1,000 is paid to secure and confirm enrollment.
    • Class fees:
      • $2,800 total if paid in full before 30-days from the first day of class
      • $3,100 total is paid in full by the day of the first class
      • $3,450 if a payment plan is in place beyond the first day of class.


    • March 6-8, 2015
    • March 27-29, 2015
    • April 10-12, 2015
    • May 1-3, 2015
    • May 29-31, 2015
    • June 19-21, 2015 on Atsokan Island!
    • July 24-26, 2015



    School Owner/Director: Christa Heibel

    Replenish Wellness & Yoga Studio is currently in the process of licensure as a private career school with the Minnesota Office of Higher Education pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, sections 141.21 to 141.32. Licensure is not an endorsement of the institution. Credits earned at the institution may not transfer to all other institutions.

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  • Testimonials

    • “Christa’s energy is contagious. Her ability to heal transforms you through physical growth as well as emotional and spiritual awareness. Her sincerity and love for life calms the spirit.”

      – Dianna

    • “After a frustrating attempt at doing yoga by watching videos, I took a “core yoga” class from Christa and learned the proper techniques for breathing and body alignment. After just a few sessions, I was surprised to find myself running much faster with less effort, and experiencing absolutely no pain. I would highly recommend…”

      – Harold

    • “I have been practicing yoga for about 5 years in various places, but I am still learning new things from Christa. Each session there is something new to try. Her enthusiasm keeps me coming back.”

      – Bill

    • “I was skeptical when my doctor suggested yoga for my anxiety. I kept thinking, “How can I calm down long enough when all I will think about is all the things I should be doing while I am sitting in yoga class?” After my first session I was hooked! Not only did I feel relaxed thanks to Christa’s great relaxation techniques, but I also found myself reenergized and ready to tackle the tasks on my to do list with a clear mind.”

      – Kelly

    • "Christa is very aware of the needs of her students. I have had recent surgery and in yoga class Christa was very welcoming and encouraging and accommodated my needs. I left feeling relaxed and refreshed."

      – Willa K

    • “I have had the good fortune to attend her Reiki Circle and Chakra/Yoga class and found both to be inspiring and healing. Christa makes you feel welcomed and valued and is sincerely interested in who you are as a human being."

      – Willa K