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  • Replenish was created with the intention of helping people discover health, inner peace and the benefits of yoga. We offer classes, workshops, and trainings, for all levels of ability, to enhance and expand your personal wellness through effective yoga, breathing, relaxing, mediation and healing techniques

    We live in a culture today where people are more aware of the connection between mind – body – spirit and are actively participating in their healthcare. With rising healthcare costs, many people have also chosen to live a healthy lifestyle to both prevent serious disease/physical ailments as well as self-remedy some of their own daily stressors. Exercise, healthy diet, meditation, and a mindful awareness of what you put in, on or breath into your body are some of the things that we do to help relax and revitalize ourselves.

    Yoga is a great way to both quiet your mind as well as rejuvenate your body. The benefits of yoga not only provide increased flexibility, but you may be surprised to find that you are also sleeping more deeply, and able to better concentrate at work.

    The practices and services provided by Replenish, namely Yoga and Reiki, are not religious doctrine, nor do they prescribe to a particular set of beliefs. Yoga is a scientific approach to quieting the mind and body for greater health, balance and ease. It teaches us to embraces life and helps us to live with renewed positivity and enthusiasm. Yoga teaches us that it is important to live and act in a way that promotes harmony with others.

    Yoga serves as an excellent way for you to engage your own mind – body – spirit connection.

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  • Monthly Special

  • July - August Special

    15% of 90- minute Private Sessions for all new students. For 1 or 2 people. Private Sessions can be schedules via phone or email. A private session allows for a more intimate view into your practice by individualizing each session to meet the needs of the student. You can start a new practice, deepen your practice or spend some time working with an injury or condition. Private lessons can help you deepen your practice, gain confidence, answer questions and provide guidance. Private Sessions can include a combination of yoga postures, breath work, relaxation, CORE work and yoga philosophy for better living.

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