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    Walk-In Yoga Class Key:

    Hatha Yoga:
    Hatha yoga is a gentle but effective form of yoga that allows us to stretch and strengthen by entering a pose and then holding it while we breathe. All Walk In classes are beginner friendly. Classes are taught with pose modifications for Beginner, Level I and Level II.

    Vinyasa Flow:
    Vinyasa class invites us to explore yoga at a faster pace---moving with the breathe pose to pose with more movement and cardio impact. Classes are taught with pose modifications for Level I and Level II.

    Yoga Nidra:
    A form of guided meditation that invites a deep relaxation into the body on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Yoga nidra assist with changing the patterns of eth mind into positive lines that result in stress reduction, improved sleeping patterns, decrease anxiety and improved mental health. No yoga or meditation experience is required.

    Restorative Yoga:
    Restorative classes are a great combination of gentle physical movement & breathe through poses that stretch the muscles & release the joints. Restorative classes use holding these positions in a relaxed manner for several minutes for overall opening, release and relaxation No experience needed. Beginner friendly.

    FIT Yoga:
    Level I & II - some experience & fitness required-
    Fit Yoga explores level two and advanced postures and sequences for maximum strength building and toning. With a more aggressive style of Vinyasa, the quicker pace from pose to pose with more movement provides a cardio impact. Core, strength and toning will be the focus of the class with the needed relaxation and stretching as well.

    Yoga Play:
    Kids of all ages can benefit from the practice of yoga! Moving. Breathing, understanding principles like kindness, fun and relaxation!! Check our schedule out for specific fun, yoga play classes for kids of all ages and even family events!

    Gentle Yoga
    This class is designed for both Beginners and any bodies with special needs. In Gentle Yoga we will explore traditional yoga with modifications at the wall, with chairs, props and personal adjustments to honor the truth of ALL BODIES. If you have bad knees, bad shoulders, a bad back, or need adjustments for weight or weak core/muscles, this is the class for YOU!

    Please see the Class Schedule pages for Yoga- Fitness -Workshops for more class detail!

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