Replenish on Rainy
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  • Founded in International Falls by Christa Heibel, Replenish opened its first studio doors in 2010. The goal at Replenish has always been to serve students in the spirit of seva, the Sanskrit word meaning selfless service, or to give back.

    As a child, Christa felt most at home on Rainy Lake and has often referred to the lake as her “soul’s home” for the serenity and harmony that Rainy Lake has given her. It is this peace and tranquility that Rainy Lake provides that has presented the perfect backdrop to REPLINISH… mind, body and spirit… and aptly has named of her practice as such. As often as possible in the warmer months you will find both private and public yoga classes conducted on the shores and islands of Rainy Lake.

    Essential oils entered Christa’s life as another conscious decision about healthful living, the yoga principle of Purity and a more holistic healthcare approach. Over time, she expanded her experimentation with oils to treat various aches and pains as well as receive overall health benefits. Today, the use of essential oils is incorporated into Christa’s everyday life for not only for treatment uses, but also in the purification of her home within both beauty and cleaning products.

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  • Christa Heibel

    Owner/Yoga Instructor/Reiki Practitioner/YoungLiving Oil Distributor

    An accomplished business consultant in the areas of sales, marketing and business development, Christa began taking yoga classes in 2001 while living in California. Her formal Yoga teacher studies began in 2009 at the well balanced mind-body-spirit yoga center Yoga North in Duluth, MN. Yoga North introduced the 8 Limbs of Astanga Yoga as well as Hatha training that has become the foundation of her yoga practice and teaching. She was RYTT 500 certified by Yoga Alliance in 2010. Christa specializes in helping people find greater ease in mind-body and spirit through yoga and release.

    Christa began her Reiki study in 1998 while living in Denver, Colorado and has since received both Reiki I and Reiki II certifications.